The Blue Prison to release Self-Titled Debut Album this Summer

Metal Assault Records is pleased to bring you a major update on Los Angeles instrumental prog duo, The Blue Prison.

Signed to MAR in 2020, The Blue Prison has completed and finalized their self-titled debut full-length album, The Blue Prison, which comprises four brand new tracks and newly mastered versions of two singles and one song each from the four EPs previously released by the band.

MAR will be releasing The Blue Prison this summer, on digipack CD and digital platforms.

The Blue Prison cover art - designed by Keigo Yoshida

The Blue Prison track listing:
1. Beacon (1:22)
2. Alchemist (4:57)
3. Shadows (5:27)
4. Artemis (3:34)
5. Kaleidoscope (4:28)
6. River (1:30)
7. Tyrant (4:16)
8. Vengeance v2.0 (5:35)
9. Los Angeles (3:23)
10. Rosetta (3:50)
Total Runtime: 38:22

The Blue Prison will film their first ever music video this month, for the track "Kaleidoscope". The video will be revealed to coincide with the album pre-order drop, which will also feature special pre-order-exclusive merch bundles. More details surrounding the pre-order launch + video premiere date, and the album release date, will be revealed in the weeks to come.

Followers of Metal Assault might already be familiar with The Blue Prison, a band that has been booked frequently on local MA events, and a band that was featured on 
Metal Assault Mixtape: Vol. 2. Comprising the duo of Keigo Yoshida (guitar) and Jaime Munoz (drums), The Blue Prison turns first-timers into longtime fans with their powerful live performances and compelling musicianship, as many firsthand witnesses would promptly testify.

The debut album is all set to prove that even without the live performance aspect that they've been completely missing in the covid era of the past 14 months, The Blue Prison has what it takes to survive and thrive, based on the sheer strength of their music alone. Through four EPs and one single released over the past six years, the prolific duo has presented a stellar blend of sweeping progressive metal patterns, heavy dissonant guitar riffs, groovy rhythms, as well as shades of jazz fusion and ambient music. Their debut album explores all these elements and more, and is poised to take The Blue Prison to the next level, as a band not just prog fans but everyone reading this site and following our record label can enjoy listening to in the near and distant future.

Watch this space for many more updates from The Blue Prison / Metal Assault Records camp …

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(Photo credits: The Blue Prison / Kiki Zeke)