San Diego band Malison signs with Metal Assault Records; New Album Details Revealed

Metal Assault Records is delighted to announce its newest signing, a band we have known and worked with in various capacities in recent years, a band we are excited to now bring onboard the label roster.

Blending together the best elements of traditional heavy metal, thrash, power metal and neoclassical shred, San Diego, California quartet Malison has been a rising force in the underground heavy metal community, and have made an impact not only within Southern California but also far beyond.

Malison has performed as part of Metal Assault events in the Los Angeles area in the recent past, and invariably put forth a compelling, entertaining performance every time. Having proven themselves as a tremendous live act, the next challenge for Malison was to capture the energy and fury of their live show onto a studio recording, which they have certainly done successfully on the upcoming full-length album.

Recorded at San Diego based Plaudit Studios, the new Malison album, Death's Embrace, will be released by Metal Assault Records on physical and digital formats on September 3 2021. Pre-orders for the album and merch bundles will be launched on June 11, along with a music video for the lead single and opening track, "Reborn". More details surrounding physical formats and album-related merch will be revealed soon.

Death's Embrace album cover (designed by Erskine Designs)

Death's Embrace track listing:
1. Reborn (4:28)
2. M.A.D. (Mutually Assured Destruction) (4:39)
3. Death's Embrace (5:37)
4. Lifehunt (3:14)
5. Oblivion (5:04)
6. Corrosion (3:49)
7. Absent Earth (4:19)
8. Armata (4:39)
Total Runtime: 35:49

More about Malison:

Created in 2014, Malison is reaching the heavy metal community with clean vocals and a unique blend of speed, shred and harmony. The band released their first, self-titled album via the legendary Combat Records and embarked on a Southwestern tour in support. Since then, they have become a staple of San Diego metal shows and have toured the Pacific Northwest and Midwest. Malison is ready to release their second album featuring a stable and hungry line-up, as well as a new set of thrashing and melodic songs.

Malison is:
Steven Rondina (vocals, bass)
Mario Lovio (guitar)
Nick Mafi (drums)
Eddie Spade (guitar)

Be on the lookout for much more from the MAR + Malison camp in the coming weeks ...

Malison links: facebook | twitter | instagram