Metal Assault Records to release King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard live album

Metal Assault Records is thrilled to announce a very special release featuring a very unique Australian band.

Recently, eclectic heavy rock / metal ensemble King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard digitally released a whole bunch of new albums featuring previously unreleased sets of studio recordings, demos, and live recordings. For most of these releases, the band itself did not issue any physical formats, but instead granted an "official bootleg" license to fans and indie labels around the world, to press any of these albums on any physical formats, solely on the condition that the fan or label sends some physical copies to the band. All the details regarding the open license are here

In 2019, King Gizzard released the most decidedly heavy-metal-centric album of their career thus far, Infest The Rats' Nest. Following the release of this album, the band toured the United States and delivered a memorable performance at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles as part of the run. Aside from being an apt representation of the band's broad-ranged repertoire and prolific back catalog, the setlist on that occasion drew heavily from the aforementioned heavy metal album.

On the same touring cycle, King Gizzard performed at Alexandra Palace in London, England, on October 5 2019, a concert that the band's sound crew recorded for what now is the live album, Live In London '19, a 17-song, 90-minute offering of the kind only King Gizzard could deliver. Metal Assault Records has chosen this album as the one to release as an official bootleg on the band's behalf.

MAR will press Live In London '19 on limited-edition cassette tape (free digital download card will be included inside every cassette package). Pre-orders will be launched on the MAR Bandcamp Store on April 2 2021 at 00:00 Pacific Standard Time, with official release date set as July 2. Tapes will also be available separately for UK and Europe fans via the MAR Europe Store.

We are hereby pleased to reveal the cassette cover artwork, designed by MAR owner Andrew Bansal, directly based on the cover art sent to us by the band:

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Live In London '19 
Track Listing:

SIDE A (46:16):
01. Evil Star (Live In London '19)
02. Self-Immolate (Live In London '19)
03. Mars For The Rich (Live In London '19)
04. I'm In Your Mind (Live In London '19)
05. I'm Not In Your Mind (Live In London '19)
06. Cellophane (Live In London '19)
07. The Great Chain Being (Live In London '19)
08. Plastic Boogie (Live In London '19)
09. Crumbling Castle (Live In London '19)
10. This Thing (Live In London '19)

SIDE B (43:36):
11. Boogieman Sam (Live In London '19)
12. Mr. Beat (Live In London '19)
13. Evil Death Roll (Live In London '19)
14. Venusian II (Live In London '19)
15. Planet B (Live In London '19)
16. Rattlesnake (Live In London '19)
17. Float Along - Fill Your Lungs (Live In London '19)

More details to follow!