Metal Assault Records announces Ebony Jeanette PR as Label Publicist

Metal Assault Records is pleased to announce that the label has teamed up with Ebony Jeanette PR for all album and tour publicity campaigns pertaining to the label and its artist roster going forward.

While running the original Metal Assault blog as a reviewer / interviewer, MAR owner Andrew Bansal worked with Ebony Jeanette from the other side of the fence for several years, as at the time she worked PR for well-established heavy metal labels such as Century Media and Prosthetic Records, and her work ethic and professionalism always came across as second to none.

In this industry, maintaining positive longterm working relationships certainly pays off, and on that note, Metal Assault Records is excited to now bring Ebony Jeanette on board as the label's official publicist going forward for all future campaigns (not including past releases and ongoing campaigns for current / upcoming releases that have already been assigned elsewhere). 

Hard rock / heavy metal websites, blogs, magazines, radio and podcasting outlets big and small can expect to start receiving album promos, press releases and premiere pitches for MAR artists from next week onwards. 

MORE ABOUT EBONY JEANETTE (bio written by Dom Lawson):

A major force in the North American rock and metal world, Ebony Jeanette has dedicated her working life to nurturing and promoting the music that she loves. Over the course of her decade on this side of the desk in the music industry, she has held posts as the in-house publicist for two of the world’s foremost extreme heavy metal record labels: Century Media Records (Sony) and Prosthetic Records. Additionally, Ebony is a singer and music journalist whose work has been featured in Music Connection Magazine, Substream Magazine, SonicBids, New Noise Magazine, and more.

Since 2010, Ebony has been steadily building a spotless reputation for hard work and efficacy, as CEO and publicist of her own company, Ebony Jeanette Public Relations. With countless clients, both high profile and aspiring, she has scored numerous great successes, including achieving chart placings for unsigned bands and establishing an ongoing relationship with legendary metal imprint Century Media.

Over the past decade, EJPR has developed into a potent freelancing force, which has since been featured at the 2018 SXSW Music Conference, while Ebony’s story and work have been featured in both traditional and digital publications, including Music Connection Magazine and Ebony’s broad knowledge of the music industry and the digital realm make her the consummate, contemporary guide through the labyrinthine swamps of the modern music world.

“At EJPR, our focus and passion is to discover, curate, and promote extreme music and culture,” she states. “We do that through engaging all of our networks and connecting them with the entertainment and brands they love, by converting messages into meaningful media experiences and unforgettable events.”

While working with Century Media, Ebony showcased her effectiveness with aplomb. What began as an internship swiftly evolved into a full-time position, as Ebony was promoted to in-house publicist for more than 150 clients, leading to multiple major news story placements in cross-national outlets and magazine cover stories for major rock acts like In This Moment and King’s X. She has scored placements just about everywhere that matters, including with NPR, Rolling Stone, Decibel, Billboard, Revolver Magazine, Music Choice, Guitar World, The Young Turks Network, Alternative Press and many more.

Between 2014 and 2016, Ebony evolved her work for Century Media, as Publicist and Marketing Manager for Street Start Marketing, generating full-scale tour and album campaigns for a variety of new and established artists. Meanwhile, she continued to build EJPR, scoring further contracts from Century Media, providing promotional acumen and conjuring effusive press support for long established metal acts including At The Gates, Asphyx, Oceans Of Slumber and Aborted.

Other milestones along Ebony’s road to triumph include single-handedly breaking the story of how death metal legend Jeremy Wagner continued the legacy of late, great Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman, by acquiring his guitars and using them exclusively on Broken Hope’s 2017 album
Mutilated & Assimilated. Ebony is also the first and only publicist to secure a premiere for grindcore legends Napalm Death on NPR Music, and achieved implementation of the New Year’s Day single “Kill Or Be Killed” in every Hot Topic store in North America during her tenure at Century Media.

“My mission is to help musicians gain more exposure and to spread their music to new audiences around the world,” Ebony states. “Inspired by the power of music and imagination, I combine tenacity with raw talent, to cultivate targeted media impact for extreme music artists, bands and brands. Through consistently uncovering and connecting new opportunities, I strive to execute results that further the major traditional and non-traditional publicity goals specific to each client.”

Driven by a genuine and heartfelt passion for the music itself, Ebony has also earned the respect of industry peers, the metal press and too many bands to mention, on both sides of the Atlantic and beyond. She regards herself as a true metalhead!

Ebony Jeanette PR links: website | facebook | instagram