LA Thrash Metal Band MORTALIS signs with Metal Assault Records

Metal Assault Records is excited to announce its newest signing today. Please join us in welcoming to the label roster, Los Angeles based thrash metal group, MORTALIS.

The story? It's a simple one. Local pipe dreamers Luis Velasquez (drums) and Sergio (lead guitar / vocals) decided to form a band and began their search, gradually adding 4 string aficionado and bassist Vince ‘Grim’ Avalos alongside expert rhythm guitarist Austin Spencer. Having built the line up to one of the greatest modern thrash metal bands this world has yet to see, the band sets their sights to the future with a plan for complete global domination.

This is what Mortalis says about signing with MAR: 
" A far-fetched pipe dream of one day having the Mortalis name spread across the 7 continents. It was five long years ago that we were first introduced to Metal Assault Records. Vince and Luis were sitting in the back of a rusted expedition scrolling instagram page after instagram page wondering who the next promoter we were going to nervously type our desperate message to in hopes that they would let us hop on the bill… of the hundreds of posters we were used to seeing, one stood out. Metal Assault. The signature logo, professional treatment of the band names, and simple touch of artistry was all we needed to go check this show out. It took us witnessing only one Metal Assault gig for us to make a promise to ourselves to hopefully one day be a part of the roster. Fast forward to now and that dream has come true. With this signing we are one step closer to achieving that  pipe dream and are so excited to be working with such a professional label. The future looks bright and as we move forward with our next record it is an honor for it to be under the Metal Assault name."

MAR owner Andrew Bansal says about signing Mortalis: 
" Upon a few spins of their album, and first sighting of their live performance, it was evident to me that Mortalis is bringing forth a rare combination of the two most desirable traits a label seeks in any band: prowess to write and perform a beloved old-school style of heavy metal with unmissable energy and exuberance; and an unmistakable ambition to put in the hard yards to achieve all the goals the band and the label want to achieve together through the near as well as distant future. This young band has all it takes to go a long way, even in this cutthroat business, and I'm delighted to have them onboard the label roster."

Mortalis self-released their debut full-length album From The Cryogenics earlier this year. The album is streaming on all major digital platforms, and available for sale in digital and physical formats via the Mortalis bandcamp store.  

Stay tuned for many more updates from the Mortalis + Metal Assault Records camp ... 

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